"Dear Sir, or Self-Portrait as Kraft Music Hall DIAGRAM forthcoming

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14, 1947"

"4 Uses of a 4 qt. Pyrex" Harpur Palate

"Matt's Wild" & "two pieces" Hoxie Gorge Review

"In which my brother's addiction is a hurricane" University of Georgia 2022-23 Diann Blakely National Poetry Prizewinner

"Never have I ever" & "Propagation 2020" Hayden's Ferry Review

"Poem in Dismemberment" Okay Donkey

"Vacation" Product Magazine 2022 Product Magazine Poetry Prizewinner 

"Barista" & "Brunch Prep" 86 Logic print 

"Estate" Plainsongs print

"How Else" Brooklyn Poets 2021 Pushcart Prize nominee

"Diatoms" The South Carolina Review print

"Anthem" & "Taxidermy" The Elevation Review

"Fairway Circle" wards defunct